Nerd Teas' Sponsorship Program

We're not called Nerd Teas' simply because we liked the name. We were founded by a geek, supported by nerds and lovers of all things fan created. Which includes all you hard working streamers.

We understand that many of our favourite hobbies involve sitting on your butt for long periods of time. Which isn't the greatest thing for your health. Drinking gallons of sodas, juices, and other beverages high in sugar and unnatural chemicals, while tasty, don't help either. So to help support content creators and their viewers we've created our Sponsorship Program!

What do you get out of the deal?
We'll provide you with a viewer code for 15% off all orders to be used by your audience, friends, and family. As they use your code, you earn free tea, shipping and credits to all sorts of goodies from our store. You also get an additional discount on your own orders placed with us. We'll have you drowning in tea! Oh, and free goodies from time to time just to sweeten the deal.

What do you need to do in return?
You'll need to display our logo on your profile page/website with a link to our website. You will also need to display our logo on your stream, but we'll work with you to make sure it fits your branding. We'll even help promote you through social media. For twitch streamer, we'll add you to our channel's auto-host list as well.

Also free goodies and samples. You'll be drowning in tea by the time we're done with you!


Here are a few of our streamers!

Vaughn Whiskey Twitch - Rubydoe  Youtube - Friduwulf Twitch - Thaan Twitch - Keikeo Rusty Moose

Still want to join the team? Fill out the form below and we'll get in contact with you!

**Twitch Streamers must be either Affiliate or Partnered to be eligible**