Art Submission

Tea for Art Exchange

You’ve already done the work, so why not let Nerd Teas give you a treat?

So much of our Geek culture is built on the hard work of artists. From movies, TV, comics, video games- down to the artwork on our playing cards. So many artists pour their passion into these works. We can’t thank them enough.

But we do what we can. As such we’d love to offer you artists a little thank you on us.

Send us links to your artwork. They don’t have to be tea themed but must be awesome, inspiring, beautiful - all around nerdy! Most importantly, you must be proud of it. In exchange, if we chose to use your work, Nerd Teas will give you a $25 giftcard per artwork used.

Selected artwork will be used on the website only and both the art and their artists will be displayed on the Featured Artists page. We’ll also be showing it off through Nerd Teas’ social media networks.

We claim no right to the pieces - that will forever remain with the artists - and we will not use them in any outside promotions, videos or print ads. Pieces may be cropped or darkened to allow for overlaying text within the website but will remain otherwise unphotoshopped.

If you’re interested in our Tea for Art Exchange, fill out the form below. We can’t wait to see your work!


Artwork Submission Form