Staff Picks

Staff Picks
While we can't pick all of them, these loose tea blends are some of our favorites.

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Born within the midnight blossoms of May, the Jasmine Dragon swims amongst the falling petals in the spring moonlight. Exquisite and abundant with ...
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One of the absolute best blends for making iced tea, our Lemon is highly flavorful and an incredibly refreshing. Try adding fresh lemon to kick the...
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We've taken a lovely leafy Fujian grown Oolong known for its rich flavour, then smothered it in juicy mangos for a full-bodied cup brimming with tr...
From $12.00
We've taken a lovely Ti Kuan Yin Oolong known for its soft green flavour and light lingering floral aroma and enhanced it with delicious blushing p...
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The perfect tea to enjoy amongst the blooming sakura trees, our Sakura Green is an organic sencha Japanese green tea blend with rose petals and swe...
Give the gift of tea!Each of our magnet boxes hold six screw-lid tins of loose leaf teas, each with enough to make about four to five cups. Great f...
From $12.00
This blend is ripe, juicy, sunset pink, and simply thirst-quenching. Savor this ultimate sweet fruit summer blend. Awesome served hot or on ice.
Wellness Tea Giftbox New
Perfect for those needing a pick-me-up! Full of enriching tea blends to see you through even the worst flu. Immune boosting, cold-fighting, and eve...

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