Staff Picks

Staff Picks
While we can't pick all of them, these loose tea blends are some of our favorites.

From $10.00
Born within the midnight blossoms of May, the Jasmine Dragon swims amongst the falling petals in the spring moonlight. Exquisite and abundant with ...
From $9.75
One of the absolute best blends for making iced tea, our Lemon is highly flavorful and an incredibly refreshing. Try adding fresh lemon to kick the...
From $14.00
We’ve blended sassafras, nutmeg and dark vanilla to create this classic old-fashion soda tea. Our caffeine-free Root Beer rooibos tea is filled wit...
From $8.75
The perfect tea to enjoy amongst the blooming sakura trees, our Sakura Green is an organic sencha Japanese green tea blend with rose petals and swe...
From $9.50
Enjoy the sweet heat of this tropical blend of pineapple, papaya and kiwis spiced with subtle hints of cinnamon and cloves.
From $9.75
For those looking for a richer vanilla experience from their tea. This deep, earthy Vanilla Bean blend is pure decadence. Makes for a delightful af...
From $12.00
This blend is ripe, juicy, sunset pink and simply thirst quenching. Savour this ultimate sweet fruit summer blend. Awesome served hot or on ice.** ...

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