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A colourful and convenient personal infuser teapot with a built-in tea infuser, borosilicate glass beaker and silicone handle and base. It offers j...
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For those looking for a richer vanilla experience from their tea. This deep, earthy Vanilla Bean blend is pure decadence. Makes for a delightful af...
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A spicy, sweet treat. Creamy Madagascar vanilla dances wonderfully with tingling Malabar Coast spices in this Vanilla Chai. A lively ginger finish ...
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Enjoy the heady taste of Madagascar vanilla with the exotic highlights of Turkish hazelnuts. This excellent sweet and nutty cookie like tea has a l...
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This blend is ripe, juicy, sunset pink and simply thirst quenching. Savour this ultimate sweet fruit summer blend. Awesome served hot or on ice.** ...
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A beautiful golden brew with the classic flavours of white peony, chrysanthemum's delicate floral flavour with a clean finish. Chrysanthemum is wid...
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Sweet, exquisite white chocolate flavour bursts with tidbits of mint notes throughout for a decadent earthy vanilla-like treat.
Winter Clementine New
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Enjoy the warm feeling of the holidays with this seasonal treat of sweet clementine with notes of spicy clove mixed through a lively Ceylon tea base.
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Enjoy this prince of teas, from the Yunnan Province of South-western China known for its tea production, Yunnan's Golden Special a bright copper-co...

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