Niagara Black IcewineBlack Loose Tea

  • Organic
  • Variety
  • Medium Caffeine
  • Low Antioxidants

This Canadian special gives you the wonderful unique flavor of Niagara icewine with the rich smoothness of black tea. Icewine is not simply iced wine. The grapes are left to fully ripen during the winter months, then when the air is just right, the grapes are exposed to the freezing winter air before they are picked which makes this Canadian wine sweeter and thicker than your traditional wines. This tea captures the richness and sweetness of icewine and pairs it perfectly with the boldness of the black tea base.


black tea, Raisin pieces (sunflower oil, sulphites), White tea, Natural flavors, Ontario Icewine

Serving Size

1-1.5 tsp/cup



Steeping Time

3-5 mins
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