Is Matcha bad for your liver?

The short answer is no. Matcha is as harmful to your liver as oxygen is to your lungs. That being said, too much of any one thing is bad, but don't let the media scare you from your favourite drink. 

Then why are they saying Matcha is bad?

Green tea is packed with catechins, an antioxidant compound that lower cholesterol and reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. When there is too much catechins in your system it causes the cells of your liver to become overwhelmed and start breaking down.

So how much Matcha is too much?

Let's just say you'll notice the effects of the caffeine in green tea long before you're at risk. There is about 35mg of caffeine per serving in each teaspoon of Matcha. While you are safe to consume Matcha as you would a regular cup, it's recommended that adults consume no more than 400mg of caffeine per day.

We recommend consuming no more than 5 cups per day during the morning and early afternoon. Youth, elderly and those suffering from any health concerns or taking medication should speak with their doctors before taking an excess of 2 cups per day. 

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