Loose Leaf Ice Tea

Using loose tea to brew your own Iced Tea might be a bit intimidating at first when you’re unsure how to go about it. However, it's actually quite easy, and you will be surprised how much better iced tea is when made from loose leaf tea in place of store bought powders.

Why would I want to make my own ice tea?

  • It tastes better  - just like with hot tea, iced tea from loose leaf tea just tastes fresher and better
  • More variety - you can make iced tea out of just about any kind of loose tea - you’re not constrained by just using black or green teas either. You can use herbal blends, rooibos, fruity teas, all kinds!
  • It’s cheaper - the cost to brew your own iced tea is a fraction of the price of store-bought products

How do I make it?

We suggest doing the hardest part first: start by picking which loose leaf tea you want to use. We understand, you likely have a few to pick from and only so much room in the fridge for all the drink pitchers. Go with your favourite first, or take a look through our Ice Tea Collection for some suggestions.

Now that the hardest part is over, the rest is simple. In fact, you already know the steps! You need to brew the tea. The difference? Just use twice as many tea leaves as you normally would. Because ice tea is served cold, it's harder for your taste buds to pick up on subtle flavours. As such the flavours need to be bolder.

Once the tea has been brewed, leave it to sit for about an hour until it cools down to room temperature. If you add ice or place it into the refrigerator while it's still hot your tea may become cloudy. While this doesn’t affect the taste of the ice tea, it might put your guests off a bit. So leave it to cool to get that perfect crystal colour.

So to review:

  1. Measure out your loose tea using twice as much for iced tea than you would for hot tea
  2. Add your hot water. (Make sure it's the correct temperature for the tea you are steeping)
  3. Brew your tea for the same amount of time recommended for making a hot brew
  4. Remove the loose tea when finished steeping, and leave tea to sit until cooled
  5. Refrigerate until cold, add ice, and enjoy!

You that you know the basics, feel free to change it up! Experiment. You can add things like cut lemons, sugar, honey, lemonade, fruit concentrates, or anything else you might like to try. If you are adding sugars, add to your brew while the tea is still hot, while adding in items like fruits after it's cooled. You might even want to try combining teas for all new flavours!

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