Tea-Flavoured Frozen Pops

Summer brings plenty of sweltering weather along with it, and while we all enjoy the sun, sometimes you need to cool down a little. What better way than to make popsicles of your favourite teas?

It’s not only easy but fun as you can experiment getting your popsicles just the way you like them.

First, you will need to brew your favourite tea at double its usual strength - this means using twice as many leaves. Feel free to let it steep for a bit longer than you normally would.

Next, you will need to sweeten the tea. We suggest nearly doubling the amount of sugar you would normally add. As the tea freezes, it will lose a lot of its sweet flavour.

Don’t use sugar? No worries. You can blend in other flavours such as lemon juice, mango nectar, finely chopped mint leaves or even fruit purés.

Now you will want to stir - a lot. It’s important to make sure the sugars have dissolved and everything is blended evenly before you pour them into the molds.

Don’t have any molds handy? No worries. You can get creative with some freezer-safe cups and spoons for handles. Even small tupperware containers will work. We do suggest avoiding the use of metal spoons though - they get a bit chilled in the freezer!

Place your popsicles in the freezing for an hour before taking them out to give a quick stir - this will keep the sugars and added extras from collecting onto in the tips of your popsicles. Put them right back into your freezer for about 4(ish) hours to freeze.

And enjoy!

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