Quest of the Perfect Cup

You’ve had it before. That cup you made the other morning before work which was so wonderfully perfect- but you forgot it on your way out the door. For the remainder of the day you tried several times to recreate that Perfect Cup using the half-functioning kettle in the staff room and a handful of sugar packages you managed to dig up from the catch-all drawer filled with ketchup and soy sauce packets you’re sure to have been there since the office building used to be a travel agency, but alas, it is not the same.

You will forever mourn that Perfect Cup till you encounter your next- like a beautiful and tasty unicorn- it will appear when you least expect it.

While we can’t guide you to that Perfect Cup every time, we can at least aid you in making a great cup of tea with these helpful tips and tricks.

1. Make sure your tea is stored correctly!

Tea absorbs moisture and different smells from the air. Despite what you might think, tea can spoil is stored incorrectly. So make sure you store it correctly to keep it fresh and flavourful.

You can take a look at our storage guide for more help.

2. Use good water

When making a new pot, pour out any water you might have left in your kettle first. Refill with cold, fresh water from the tap. If you have poor tap water, used filtered water. Good clean, clear water is the base for your tea. Tea needs the oxygen in the water to help flavour develop, so don’t used twice over boiled water.

3. Equipment matters

You need the right tools for the job, as they say, and making the Perfect Cup is no different. You also need to take care of your tools to help aid in the brewing process. Start by making sure your pot is clean - remaining tea residue will alter the flavour of the next brew!

Also, warm the pot by swirling a small amount of boiled water in it first before adding your leaves and water. This pre-heats the pot to prevent the water dropping in temperature when it’s poured in.

4. Tea expands- give it room!

While your steeper might look deep and that little teaspoon of leaves might look too small, that exactly what you need! Resist the urge to add more tea. Too much tea will make your brew far stronger than intended, waste your leaves and overfill your steeper. Over packing your steeper will prevent the tea from steeping correctly. So use the recommended amount, it’s enough.

5. Remember your T’s.

Know what kind of Tea you’re making so you know the Time and Temperature you need to brew it. While black teas prefer higher water temperatures, delicate teas like white and green need slightly cooler water. If the water is too hot you’ll burn your leaves, giving your tea a bitter taste.

While many people are guilty of over steeping by leaving their tea bags in the cup as they drink, that actually changes the taste of the tea. You’ll notice it more with loose leaf. To get that Perfect Cup you need to allow your tea to steep for just the right amount of time.

If you’re unsure about the Time and Temperature needed for your Tea, search for your tea on our website. We make sure that all our product pages have all the information you might need to get that Perfect Cup.

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